Sun 03
U14 & U13
Old Whitgiftians CC - Under 14
Mustangs turn around our new pitch record and humble Old Whits

Mustangs turn around our new pitch record and humble Old Whits

By Steve Isaac
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A complete bowling and fielding performance on a low and slow deck is backed up by Ollie and Robbie in Match winning partnership

Old Whits 102
HSCC 103-1 win by 9 wickets

Great resilience and fight were shown today by everyone and I loved the blue pad covers that lucien wore - fantastic Jason and Sally! (Amazon)
The team adapted well to pitch conditions to overturn an Old Whits team with the county opening bowler and top order bat and many ex district players. This was one of our best if not the best fielding performances to date. Joe dived time and time again to stop singles, Ollie A took the catch of the season, Frankie ran out their No 5 bat, Tom took a Steepler of a catch and Ollie screamed louder than I have ever heard before making another skier safe in his gloves to dismiss their County opener who had made 71 including 50 of their first 63 runs! MJ bowled the best opening spell I have ever seen him bowl and hooped a great in-swinging yorker to dismiss their other County player at the top of the innings. Well done MJ 5-2-14-1 and he only bowled one or maybe two bad balls! Tom Struggled with the slope but came back well. Danny bowled his heart out (nearly literally with a rib injury) James bowled 2 overs for 3 runs to keep the pressure up before the 'chosen spinners' turned the screw. Frankie's more loopy off spin was considered the wrong pace for the pitch and Robbie and Zain were preferred and bowled 10 overs of the most controlled overs each bagging 3 wickets each for a miserly 32 runs. Robbie and Ollie will tell you (as will the rest of the team) that their opener knicked off but as the umpire could not hear or see it he did not give the decision. Life is like that and today the boys showed great Resilience and fight in their efforts and did not complain. Credit to Old Whits they batted their full 25 overs.
I explained to the boys that the day before our 2nd X1 had bowled out a team for 134 in 45 overs and that it took us 35 overs to get the runs. When a pitch gets this low in bounce and slows as it dries scoring runs is difficult if the bowling is good. And so it proved early on, however it was as though we had three batsmen today. After the early departure of Lucien caught at Mid on, Ollie, Robbie and extras then finished the game for us. Ollie (31 not) Robbie (27 not) and Extras ( 37 not and top scorer). The faster their opening bowler bowled the less accurate he became and their poor keeper who had done all the batting and has Osgood Schlatters preventing him from bending his knees had not chance in stopping the ball. There were 19 byes, one ball hit the helmet for a 5 run penalty from a wide leading to 6 runs ( the ball is dead after it hits the helmet I learnt today) Also during a tight opening spell they threw overthrows and Ollie and Lucien scored an all run 5! It was chaos in the field yet this side had scored 105 against Perform the previous week and bowled them out for 95. Ollie and Robbie saw off the openers and milked the two leg spinners very well. Throughout their innings the boys scored 90% of their runs behind or on square of the wickets..... Quality batting from both as timing the ball was incredibly hard. So with a partnership of 83 runs from 91 balls the match was won. Their frustrations had boiled over after their poor batting performance and it was a good decision to put them into bat as they were exhausted after their journey on a very hot day. Our boys were tired too and complained bitterly about fielding first in the heat yet put in their best performance ever. I do feel that getting our there and getting on with it is a good approach and we have won three games batting second now this year. (Banstead, Reigate and Old Whits) When we travel over the next 3 weeks we must not be afraid to field first, it may not always come off but it may be easier for us to put pressure on the opposition if we play like we did today.

Well done all, Delia its a good book although it looks like Caroline's coloured pens again! thanks to the MJ's for the lovely donuts and biscuits and to the Armitages for helping with the flags and circles collection at the end of the game. A good day.


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SJIL Under 14

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