Sun 24
U14 & U13
Byfleet CC - Under 15
Bowled, Bowled, Caught, Bowled, Caught, Bowled, Bowled, Bowled, Bowled and Bowled

Bowled, Bowled, Caught, Bowled, Caught, Bowled, Bowled, Bowled, Bowled and Bowled

By Steve Isaac
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We cannot defend our wicket, occupy the crease and score runs if we cannot defend! Dorman retires after batting masterclass.....

HSCC 98 (17 overs )
Byfleet 101-5 (17 overs)

How were you out ? Bowled....
Was it a good ball? Yes......
Did you defend it ? silence............

I think this summed up our night, we failed to bat for all the balls we were entitled to (120) and they scored the winning runs with three overs to spare which happened to be the exact number of overs we faced too.....this tells me if we had batted more wisely we could easily have won the game had we faced all 120 balls due.

We were 23-7 at one point with having lost 4 wickets in 4 balls it was left to Daniel (10), Ollie Thompson (his best innings 8 not) and Matthew to dig in to eek out a few more runs. Matthew I could see tried to dig in so well done him. We were rescued from humiliation by Henry with his best innings for the club and to the amazement of Chris his Dad who was left questioning his ancestral line... I'd look to the coaching he's getting as the boys are training well with good numbers every week and I honestly believe if they listen more and keep up the effort and work they are putting in then they will become a hard team to beat next season in this league...and deservedly so .....

This Wednesday we will be practicing defending half volleys and yorkers and see how they get on and it they really learnt from Saturday.

I thought our fielding was superb, the ground was hard and bouncy and we let a few through but saved so many, Matthew and Tom performed some lovely sliding tackles to save 3 runs as did many others, Frankie nearly got a run out and we stopped lots of 2's from being taken. Out bowlers did well under Frankie's captaincy so Ollie 1-11 Matthew 17-2 had their openers at 19-3 and the game was on. Jem struggled with length probably due to lack of cricket and Danny was coming back from injury but still only went for 14 runs. Henry wanted 3 slips as he swung the ball away from the batsman brilliantly and found the edge of the bat. Unfortunately we needed more runs to be able to afford a slip but he did bowl one bat out 17 runs - 1 wicket. Petie kept well and is improving every week as a keeper. By the time Frankie and Tom came on to bowl their big hard hitting batsman were set and the ball was flying all over. Lessons were learnt and discussed after ward too.

I am looking forward to training and bowling some toe crushers (yorkers) at their feet as a batsman must be able to defend the good balls and attack the bad ones which is clearly not happening with these boys and needs to !

Peter Drew wrote a great book and thank you James for the orange and really nice biscuits and treats that all went down well.

We Welcome back Chris this week from his Belgium tour. I will be signing in and out tomorrow night at training.

we are better than that!



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Sun 24, Jun 2018



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Junior Division 3 South

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Horsley & Send CC - Under 15
Byfleet CC - Under 15