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FAQ's for Girls Cricket - Don't forget to SMASH IT!

Hi Everyone,

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. How do I pay my membership?

The annual membership is £195 (£185 for a second child at the club).

Sort code: 20-35-35
Account number: 40488763
Payee: Horsley & Send Cricket Club
Reference: Child’s Name, Surname and Age Group eg John Smith U11

2. When is training?

Mondays- U8 Girls - 5pm-6.30pm
Mondays- U11 Girls 6.45pm-8.15pm
Wednesdays-U12/13/14/15 Girls 6.45pm-8.15pm
With fixtures in the U11 Girls SMASH IT League , U13 Girls SMASH IT League &
U14 Development Hardball League
Training starts week beginning Monday 29th April.

3. How do I set myself up on Pitchero?

  • 1. Log into the website ( on a computer or laptop (don’t use the phone app to do this)

  • 2. Click on your name on the top RHS of the screen

  • 3. Click on "Your Account"

  • 4. Click on "Membership Info"

  • 5. Update the "membership details" under your name and scroll to the bottom to SAVE CHANGES

  • 6. Click on OVERVIEW at the top of the screen

  • 7. Now click on your CHILD’s NAME alongside your own shown near the top of the page so their name is highlighted and yours is greyed out. Click on MEMBERSHIP and please fill out all pieces of information for your child. DOB is essential for registering with the correct age group. Ensure the PARENT mobile number is recorded as the contact number on the child’s membership record and not the child’s own mobile number. Repeat for emergency contact number and provide a second emergency contact. All other information is necessary so please complete it by scrolling through the pages down to the bottom and click SAVE.
  • 4. Who do I contact if I have a membership query?

    Fen Palmer Mole

    5. Who is the team manager?
    James Cooper
    07551 155419

    6. Who is the coach?
    Becks Jones

    7. What about kit?

    The good news is that parents don't have to wash white cricket kit anymore!

    1. For matches, we'd like everyone to wear the "Horsley Harlequins" blue kit. You can buy this from our own online shop:
    2. For training, the message is (in spring time at least) wear whatever you can to stay warm! It can be quite exposed on a cricket pitch so tracksuits and a sports shirt of any colour are acceptable. Bring a bobble hat if you need to!
    3. Protective gear: we are not playing with a hard ball at under 11, (we use an "Incrediball" - relatively soft) so girls won't need helmets or pads. If you can borrow a pair of batting gloves then that is sometimes a good idea. We don't currently provide any at the club I'm afraid.
    4. Bats: much of our training will be done using the club's plastic bats. But feel free to bring along a brother's or friend's old willow bat if you feel like it.

    8. How long do matches last?

    About 45 minutes: we play 8 overs a side and everyone bowls an over. We rattle through the overs as energetically as we can!

    9. What is the "Smash it" competition that everyone is talking about?

    A twist on pairs cricket where its pair vs pair as well as team vs team

    Teams to consist of the following players, subject to age groups; one innings per team.
    U9 – 6 or 8-a-side
    U11 – 8-a-side
    U13 – 10-a-side

    • Each innings shall consist of one of the following:
    U9 – 6 x six ball overs or 8 x six ball overs depending on number of players
    U11 – 8 x six ball overs
    U13 – 10 x six ball overs

    • Players will bat in pairs (SMASH) with an equal number of overs (2 overs per pair)
    • Bowlers are able to bowl a MAXIMUM of 2 overs each. Maximum of 3 overs at U13. Bowling will take place from one end – At the end of each over the batters will swap ends to alternate the strike, regardless of who faced the last ball of the innings.

    Wides and no-balls shall be decided by the umpires according to the normal laws of cricket. (No ball to be called if a ball without bouncing goes above waist height in all age groups).
    For U14 age group, the ball shall only be able to bounce once before the batter.
    No balls and wides shall not be replayed other than during the last over of each innings.
    • Fielders should rotate at U9s but there is no need to rotate at the older two age groups – however there must be a minimum of two fielders on the off-side (the side of the bat) at all times.
    • All normal dismissals of cricket shall be allowed with the exception of LBW – LBW is only to be given if the batsman deliberately kicks the ball in front of the stumps without offering any shot at the ball. At the fall of a wicket the batters shall switch ends – no need to switch in the event of a run out.

    Pitch lengths: - The pitch lengths will now follow the new ECB Recommended lengths- U9’s: 15 yards / U11’s: 17 yards / U13’s: 19 yards. These games can be played on the outfield, on an artificial wicket as well as on an astro pitch (hockey/football).

    Timings: - Timings for each game are based on the umpires controlling the game and making sure that the girls are getting through their pairs quickly and that the next batters are ready to come on as soon as the over has been completed. Each Smash IT game of 8 overs should only take 40 minutes maximum to be completed. Therefore, you are looking at 45 minutes for a 10 a side fixture, and around 30 minutes for a 6 a side fixture. Three games are usually able to be fit into a 2hr30mins time slot at a venue, with 3 hours being a maximum length of time required.

    9. "Smash it" Scoring

    The scoring for SMASH IT is as follows: -
    - A ball smashed over the boundary without bouncing shall count as 6 runs, 4 runs if it bounces before the rope.
    - 2 runs shall be awarded for every completed run
    - Minus 5 runs off the score per wicket taken
    - Wides and No-balls shall count as 2 runs (extras) – If any completed runs are taken by the batsmen off these deliveries, further runs will be awarded (Run off a wide – additional runs go down as extras; Run off a no-ball without hitting the ball – additional runs go down as extras; Run off a no-ball being hit by a batter will be awarded to the person that hit the ball)

    There are bonus points up for grabs for the following:
    U9 – Teams scoring over 240
    U11 – Teams scoring over 270
    U13 – Teams scoring over 300

    Upcoming training sessions

    • Mon 24 Jun, 18:45 - 20:15 Girls U11 Training Horsley & Send Cricket Club
    • Mon 1 Jul, 18:45 - 20:15 Girls U11 Training Horsley & Send Cricket Club
    • Mon 8 Jul, 18:45 - 20:15 Girls U11 Training Horsley & Send Cricket Club
    • Mon 15 Jul, 18:45 - 20:15 Girls U11 Training Horsley & Send Cricket Club


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